A Vote for Ketchup on Hotdogs

Believe it or not, there are hotdog purists out there that think putting ketchup on a hotdog is blasphemy. Mustard is fine, as is saurkraut (yuck!), peppers, tomatoes, celery salt, chili, sour cream, etc. So why do people hate the idea of ketchup on hotdogs so much?

A recent article on the amazingribs.com site highlights the argument with quotes from many people including the President himself. It’s worth a read.

Nonetheless, I view ketchup on a hotdog as an American cultural norm.

My fondest memories of hotdogs are the boiled hot dogs served in the streets of Athens, Ga. One of this particular hotdog purveyor’s signature dogs was the “Red Dawg”. I ordered this everytime! It is a light coat of Heinz ketchup and then a generous dashing of Tabasco. It is spicy, sweet, and savory. What is wrong with that flavor profile?

It is a bit different in the South. Grinding meat and making sausages is very European.

But what is more impressive and American than the immigrant story linked above?

Much like the author above, I promote free choice. If you want ketchup on your hotdog, do it. If not, then don’t ‘shame’ people by sending them to the back of the line. tsk-tsk

If your are not from Chicago or New England, then dress your hotdog however you like. 🙂

Hot Sauce Database for Android

Hello fellow chileheads! I’ve created a hot sauce database that can be accessed by the excellent Android app called Memento.

To access the database on your Android device, you should first download the Memento app at the Google Play store then follow this link to access the file on my Google Docs.

Hot Sauce Database

Once you import the database into Memento, you will be able to see the hot sauces that have been added so far with information such as name, description, rating, UPC code, and heat level.Unfortunately, the pictures only show up on my phone as there is currently no way to automatically sync the photos with Google Docs (though it is a feature that is going to be added in the future).

Since the database is hosted on Google Docs, as I add sauces, they will be made available to anyone that uses the database. You just need to import the file into the hot sauce Memento database. If you do not have an Android device, you can still use the database on any computer through Google Docs.

If you need any help setting it up, just let me know in the comments. Also, if you add sauces, please send me the export file so I can merge them into the database.

The ultimate goal is to have the largest database of hot sauces available in the Android world.